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Book suggestions for Breaking Bad

Recommended books

The Talented Mr. Ripley

Author Patricia Highsmith
Published 2008-06-17

In order to convince his son to come home, Herbert Greenleaf, a rich shipbuilder, sends the suave con man Tom Ripley to Italy, but is unaware of his son's friend's criminal activities. Reprint.

The Redeemers

Author Ace Atkins
Published 2015

Now Colson is at a crossroads. It's new Year's Eve. Sheriff Colson's last night on the job after being voted out of office, thanks to the machinations of county kingpin Johnny Stagg. Does Colson leave Tibbehah? Leave his addict sister, prodigal father, and old love? Or does he stay, and continue his quest to bring Stagg down for good? That night, as Colson faces an uncertain future, someone smashes through the house of a wealthy mill owner, making off with a safe full of money and shooting a deputy. As Deputy Lillie Virgil leads the hunt for the criminals, Stagg hunts them, too. A mysterious federal agent embedded in Stagg's enterprise tells Colson that the safe contained more than just dirty money. It held secrets. Secrets that could finally end Stagg and his network of political protectors.

Where All Light Tends to Go

Author David Joy
Published 2015-07-01

Set in North Carolina's Appalachian Mountains, eighteen-year-old Jacob McNeely is torn between appeasing his meth-dealing kingpin father and leaving the mountains forever with the girl he loves

Bull Mountain

Author Brian Panowich
Published 2015-11-25

In a sweeping narrative spanning decades and told from alternating points of view, this incredibly assured debut novel brilliantly evokes the atmosphere of the mountain and its inhabitants: forbidding, loyal, gritty, and ruthless. Bull Mountain heralds a major new talent in fiction.

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

Author Junot Díaz
Published 2007

Living with an old-world mother and rebellious sister, an urban New Jersey misfit dreams of becoming the next J. R. R. Tolkien and believes that a long-standing family curse is thwarting his efforts to find love and happiness. A first novel by the author of the collection, Drown. 100,000 first printing.

The Drifter

Author Nicholas Petrie
Published 2015

"An explosive thriller debut introducing Peter Ash, a veteran who finds that the demons of war aren't easily left behind . . . " --

The Far Empty

Author J. Todd Scott
Published 2018-02-27

17 year-old Caleb Ross is adrift in the wake of the sudden disappearance of his mother a year ago, and is struggling to find his way out of the small Texas border town of Murfee. Chris Cherry is a newly minted Sheriff's Deputy, a high school football hero who's reluctantly returned to his hometown. When skeletal remains are discovered in the surrounding badlands, the two are inexorably drawn together as their efforts to uncover Murfee's darkest secrets lead them to the same terrifying suspect: Caleb's father and Chris's boss, the charismatic and feared Sheriff Ross.

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