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About Similar Books

Similar Books helps people find books to read. People often can recommend movies, tv shows and video games to friends and family. Recommending books is harder and it can be hard working out what book you should read.

For some people picking up a book and reading it is a big investment. It may be the first book they have read in a while and they want to make sure it is going to be a book they will like. No one wants to spend a couple of hours reading a book and then finding out it's not for them.

This is where Similar Books comes in to play. You know what tv shows, movies and games you enjoy. Enter your favourite title and we will recommend books that are a similar theme.

It takes time to add new items to the website. We have to research the books and create the list. It also costs money to host the site. For this reason we use affiliate links in our pages. This way each time you buy a book through us we get a small commission. This helps us continue to run and develop the website.


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